You look for a top-location as living-room to celebrate your next event at its best?

The new GOODYEAR VIP Lounge is one of the nicest places at the Nürburgring you can rent. Direct located at the grid of the Grand-Prix-Circuit rounding up the pit-building at the end of the pit-lane. The glass-palace combines a beautiful view to the start- and finish line, into the pits as well into the first righthand-corner including the Mercedes arena. In the center of scenery for best racing events as well as on-track training- or test-events.

The well known location can service 200 guests. It includes a nice bar, a cozy lounge area, and  modern high tables and chairs for a comfortable time. As well you will find event-technology you need to present all sport-topics to your audience. A goods lift enables you to lift up catering but also presenting cars.

Just call us for renting +49 2656 952500 or sent a mail